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About Department

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Mukesh Punia (HOD App. Sc.)

The applied science department in diploma engineering plays a crucial role in providing engineering students with a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and practical skills. Here are some of the key reasons why the department is important:

Fundamental knowledge: The applied science department covers subjects like Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, English, Communication Skills, Soft Skills, etc. These subjects provide students with a strong understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin engineering disciplines. Without a solid understanding of these basic concepts, it would be difficult for students to grasp advanced engineering subjects.

Problem-solving skills: Applied science subjects emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn how to analyze complex problems, apply scientific principles, and arrive at logical solutions. These skills are essential for engineers as they encounter various challenges in their professional careers.

Laboratory skills: The applied science department typically includes practical laboratory sessions where students conduct experiments and apply theoretical concepts. These hands-on experiences help students develop essential laboratory skills, such as proper handling of equipment, data analysis, and interpretation of results. These skills are crucial in many engineering disciplines, where practical experimentation and analysis are integral.

Interdisciplinary approach: Applied science subjects often provide a bridge between different engineering disciplines. They integrate concepts from physics, chemistry, and mathematics to solve engineering problems. This interdisciplinary approach helps students understand the interconnectedness of various scientific principles and their applications across different fields.

Foundation for advanced subjects: Many advanced engineering subjects rely on the principles taught in applied science. Subjects like Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Electrical Machines, Digital Electronics, Biochemistry, etc. build upon the fundamental knowledge gained in applied science courses. A strong foundation in applied science sets the stage for students to delve deeper into these specialized engineering subjects.

Professional development: The applied science department also contributes to the overall professional development of engineering students. It helps develop analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and communication skills. These skills are essential for engineers to collaborate with colleagues effectively, present their ideas, and engage in lifelong learning.

In summary, the applied science department in diploma engineering is vital for providing students with a solid foundation of scientific knowledge, problem-solving skills, laboratory proficiency, and interdisciplinary understanding. It sets the stage for further learning and equips students with the necessary tools to become competent engineers in their respective fields.


Faculty & DesignationSubject ExpertiseExperienceSpecial Achievements
Sh. Mukesh Punia, Senior LecturerApplied Physics23 YearsClick here to know more
Smt. Sarita, Lecturer Applied Chemistry
Sh. Lalit Mohan, LecturerApplied MathematicsCSIR NET, GATE, JAM Qualified
Sh. Sahil Singh, LecturerApplied Physics
Sh. Naren Verma, LecturerEnglish


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