Diploma in Automobile Engineering is a three years course and its academic curriculum is divided into 6th Semesters(1st Year Annual System+4 semesters) in the Diploma institutes in Haryana. The semester wise syllabus of Diploma in Automobile Engineering is given below: 

Download Automobile Engineering Detailed Syllabus

1. FIRST YEAR (Automobile Engineering)

1.1 English 
1.2 Applied Mathematics 
1.3 Applied Physics 
1.4 Applied Chemistry 
1.5 Applied Mechanics 
1.6 Environmental Studies 
1.7 Engg. Graphics 
1.8 Information Technology 
1.9 Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence
1.10 General Workshop Practice 
# Student Centered Activities(SCA)
2. THIRD SEMESTER (Automobile Engineering)

3.1 Strength of Materials
3.2 Basic of Thermodynamics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics
3.3 Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3.4 Workshop Technology
3.5 Mechanical Workshop Practice -I
3.6 Automobile Workshop Practice 
Soft Skills- I

3. FOURTH SEMESTER (Automobile Engineering)

4.1 Computer Aided Drafting 
4.2 Materials and Metallurgy 
4.3 Automobile Engineering Drawing (Viva)
4.4 Auto Engine 
4.5 Chassis, Body and Transmission-I 
4.6 *Workshop Technology –II 
4.7 Mechanical Workshop Practice-II 
Soft Skills -II
4. FIFTH SEMESTER (Automobile Engineering)

Industrial Training

5.1 Auto Engine-II 
5.2 Chassis, Body and Transmission-II
5.3 Garage Equipment 
5.4 Auto Electrical and Electronic Systems
5.5 Advanced Manufacturing Processes
5.6 Mechanical Workshop Practices-III
5.7 Auto Professional Practice-I
5.8 Driving Practice-I
Soft Skills-III
5. SIXTH SEMESTER (Automobile Engineering)

6.1 Motor Vehicle Act and Transport Management
6.2 Production Engineering 
6.3 Auto Professional Practices-II 
6.4 Entrepreneurship Development and Management
6.5 Elective:-
      6.5.1. Tractor and Special Purpose Vehicles OR
      6.5.2. Design of Automotive Components.
6.6 Driving Practice- II 
6.7 Project Work 
Soft Skills – IV


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